The April 2020 Challenge - day 19


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Dec 29, 2013
(Apologies, this time I'm *really* late ...)

As promised, I reuse Ad's wonderful image from day 17; especially since I found out that my own, incredably crappy 135mm f/3.5 Xenar (a bellows lens for my Pentacon Six TL that someone loved so much they "cleaned" off good part of the coating; it's also full of dust) only had 18 blades :rolleyes:

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Thanks, Ad! Memories are a powerful asset :thumbsup:

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I'd really like to be able to claim that I saw the little orange midge on the right hand bloom before I took this photograph, but that would be untrue. I only saw it once I had the image open on the computer. However I think its presence adds to the photograph. Taken early this morning, so it might well have spent the night there.



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Sep 13, 2016
Lovely picture. I love the details, especially the pollen on the petals.
Thanks, Steve, for your kind remarks.
When I looked at the photos on my iMac I was again amazed at how well this lens performs (in all fields from landscape to portrait and close-up shots). And you can play with DOF by just going from 12 to 40 and adapting the distance to the blossom. With this combination only little PP is needed (if any).


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Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
Martin Connolly
Short of "inspo" here's another old film camera. An Agfa Silette LK Sensor. It cost me the princely sum of £5, as did the "BLIK" rangefinder.
It's a fiendishly sharp lens and it has very usable handling with both shutter speed and aperture controllable, with a swinging needle meter in the viewfinder.
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