The April 2020 Challenge - day 27


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I really like this photo, Steve.
And I love the processing - the contrast, the subdued shadows, the intense (but not overly intense) nature of the coloration.
I also have what may be an ignorant question, but I'm curious --- did you shoot this RAW originally and then process it? Or did it begin life as one of the X100v's different in-camera 'modes' or looks?
Regardless of which, it's seriously cool.
It was raw and processed by me. The bright background meant I had to expose for highlights and pull up the shadows. That also meant I needed to do noise reduction which is better in raw. I fiddled with the clarity and saturation to pull the colors back out. Finally, I sacrificed a chicken to A’Q’Tance, the Sumerian god of microcontrast.


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Backlighting .....



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Day 27: my mailbox

I live in an old turn-of-the-century (built in 1902) farmhouse, just on the outskirts of a small town. In rural areas, mailboxes are often put up together on small posts to simplify the mailperson's delivery schedule. In my case, my mailbox has a neighbor - the mailbox of the neighbor who lives across the street. The neighbor's house is a little newer than mine, but his mailbox looks positively ancient alongside mine (bought a few decades ago, and crudely painted with a stylized Yin-Yan taiji circle, which has faded over the years).


This was taken with one of the customized in-house jpeg Colour Profiles of the Pen F - in this case, a color profile developed by R. Cleveland Aaron, the British Olympus-friendly photographer who has done quite a bit of (great) work with his Pen F.

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