The April 2020 Challenge - day 3


Awabakal Country
Real Name
Unhappy with the speed with which the servant delivers breakfast, the long-suffering cat must lay down on the floor, and wait.

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Old Codgers Group
A cryptic one for you today. Last night I ran my moth trap. It was an early start to my day today recovering the trap from a nearby field and bringing it back to my cottage before having breakfast. Having satisfied my stomach it was on to look at the catch. It's very early in the season and I only caught seven moths of five different species. However there were a couple of more interestingly patterned ones amongst them

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Water Carpet

There are a good number of members of the carpet family. This is one of the earliest to fly and is also relatively common. The length of the forewing (so that's along the edge of the wing lying at the diagonal in the image) is 14-17mm (around 0.6"). I managed to get it to settle on this piece of bark for long enough to take a series of images. The image is not cropped. Having processed the image I went back to try and get a closer shot but the moth had climbed back up into the see through pot I had wisely put over the top of it so I decided to leave it at that and go with the image obtained. Note all the moths will be kept in separate pots during the day and released after dark this evening, non were harmed in this process.

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