The April 2020 Challenge - day 4


Day 4 of April. Day ???^2 of isolation. I jumped bail today, walked to Walmart and back for a little exercise (just a couple of miles). Actually came back with a healthy fresh veggie tray (Cukes, tomatoes, onion, sliced and garnished with onion, salt, pepper, and lime).
On the way back, I saw this and thought "There's my image for today." I also found a couple of good outtakes. Decisions, decisions.

This discarded sign says it all...

I can't imagine the frustration of trying to panhandle during this time; and Colorado Springs has more traffic than most places I've seen. This sign seems the epitome of restraint, given the circumstances. A beautifully done sign, and nary a soul to show it to!
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Day 4: Garden Gnome

Here in southern Oregon it is another bright, sunny day - but when one goes outside, you realize it's actually rather cold, with a biting wind that makes one even colder. The kind of weather that makes a person want to stay inside, with a log or two in the fireplace or woodstove, a mug of something delicious and steaming, a warm flannel bathrobe, and a well-worn copy of an old Agatha Christie murder mystery filled with inventive mayhem.

But, being foolish, I ventured outside. And missed the first photo opportunities which presented themselves but were too fast-moving by the time I had my Pen F up - a brightly-colored boxelder beetle who scuttled to a safe hiding place, and a wandering family of deer, down from the hills, who leaped the neighbor's fence and disappeared in a trice.

Which left me looking for a more slow-moving subject....I found him, sitting in the same pose he always seems to adopt in the daytime....though I wonder what he does after sundown?


Taken with one of the Color Profiles from the front dial of my Pen F, which I copied from the English photographer and Olympus ambassador or whatever the term is, R. Cleveland Aaron, who is one of a small number of Olympians (that can't be right?) who seems to enjoy playing around with his Pen F.

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