The April 2020 Challenge - day 4


Consulting on a take-out order while practicing social distancing.
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Nice looking strawberries. Yum.
It was.

A great shot, David. Mouthwatering, too.
But the part that really impresses me ... is what you are doing with that 56mm lens. Your results from it, so far, seem to consistently indicate that it is a special piece of glass.
It is, the Sigma 56mm and the PanLeica 25mm are two of my lenses.


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Andrew Lossing
I believe I mentioned that my exercise regimen is with swords? I have a small selection but they are nice.View attachment 217495
Another sword collector! I'll have to have mine pose at some point, I have a few (lately been trying to sharpen a Hoplite sword by hand with a file... would be a lot easier if it were bronze or iron like the originals instead of 1065 carbon steel).

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