The April 2020 Challenge - day 7

Toby on day 7 and he’s bored to sobs. Nothing to watch in the street. No cars, no people, no dogs, even the other cats are staying inside more. Poor bored kitty.

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Old Codgers Group
Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, a tractor would hove into view.

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One man went to mow

This is my landlord Graham taking the first cut of the year in a field adjacent to my cottage (I'm actually standing in my cottage garden). Having finished mowing he asked me if I'd like to keep a few sheep in here so he wouldn't have to mow it. I'd need this field and the one at the other end of the cottage to do it properly by moving them about to let each field regrow, but since I can hardly look after myself I don't think I'd want to be responsible for some sheep!



Sunny Frimley
Home sweet home ..... There are some outbuildings to be found here on the MoD land. I think this part of the woods is privately owned and these buildings have been here rotting away as long as I can remember. I've lived here for 36 years and no one has ever tried to demolish them or change them in any way. I have seen kids in there taking drugs from time to time and always try to discourage Little B from going inside. There's a lot of sharp decaying metal objects and broken glass, tins, paper and other assorted detritus. Not very nice.

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I made it look a bit spooky here.