The April 2020 Challenge - day 9


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I think I’ll have to start looking for subjects indoors for a while. The garden is running out of opportunities.


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To support the regional record store in times where the possibility to visit their store is limited, I sent in a relatively big online order. First I got a very nice confirmation mail expressing their gratitude. Then a personal touch on the included card (which is their standard practice by the way). It says “Have fun listening and a good health”. On a sidenote, I found the sticker on the box fitting for these times.



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Bill Palmer
I've not managed to go out today. I'll take a walk later, after dark.

So this is a safety shot. I came across this leaflet while having a clear out in my office.

Ah, 2012... It was a more innocent time... The biggest worry of the permanently paranoid and glibly gullible was whether the Mayan calendar was right about the end of the world.

Small boys could play football in the park.

Jumpers for goalposts...

...and only three Fujinon X Series lenses. The entire roadmap fitted on the back of an A6-sized booklet.


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Just after grabbing a couple shots of a hummingbird, this white-winged dove landed on the patio railing and began strutting, bowing and flashing it's tail feathers. Must have been a female close by, as that is a courtship display.

Sticking to the self-imposed limit of using the 100-400 at 400, I had to turn portrait to fit the dove within the frame. (Slightly more than normal processing on this one to remove a large bird dropping by the foot. I need to make time to clean the railings since it hasn't rained in a while.)
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Interesting ... a sort of safety from me, too. I'm just too tired to venture out today (or to arrange my subjects properly - the shot had to be quick, or it wouldn't have happened).

But here's what I will do:

I had my last dram a couple of weeks ago - literally no time to settle down and enjoy a nice drop.

I don't know if I've ever let slip that I'm actually an afficionado and collector - anyhow, these three have been waiting in the wings for a while now, so it's time to transfer them from the display to the bar. Of course, it doesn't do to guzzle these, so I'll crack open just one and have a nice dram - or, given the circumstances, two (I'm actually not at all given to getting drunk, as strange as this may seem for a collector of fine liquors ...).


Anyway, sláinte mhath :)



Sunny Frimley
Wonderful shot again - great catch ...

I wonder, do you own a dog bath? My hosts in Scotland had one, super-handy for smaller dogs (they had two Cavalier King Charles ladies ... one of which caught every puddle ...).


Not really, when we had our kitchen done a couple of years ago we had a butler's sink put in the utility room with a spray tap but it's only just big enough for him and he can get out onto the side easily ...... so we tend to put him upstairs in the bath where he's effectively trapped!

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