The April 2020 Challenge - day 9




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Interesting ... a sort of safety from me, too. I'm just too tired to venture out today (or to arrange my subjects properly - the shot had to be quick, or it wouldn't have happened).

But here's what I will do:

I had my last dram a couple of weeks ago - literally no time to settle down and enjoy a nice drop.

I don't know if I've ever let slip that I'm actually an afficionado and collector - anyhow, these three have been waiting in the wings for a while now, so it's time to transfer them from the display to the bar. Of course, it doesn't do to guzzle these, so I'll crack open just one and have a nice dram - or, given the circumstances, two (I'm actually not at all given to getting drunk, as strange as this may seem for a collector of fine liquors ...).

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Anyway, sláinte mhath :)

Sounds delicious! I'm a bit of a bourbon fan, I feel it's appropriate as a quintessentially American spirit. In my cupboard right now is a Burnside Goose Hollow Reserve. They're a Portland, Oregon distillery (yeah, I know, slightly blasphemous that it isn't from Kentucky, but whatever) that uses an Oregon-only oak variety for their charred barrels. I might have to pull that bottle out for a photo this month, it seems thematically appropriate!

Slainte mhath gu dearbh!


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Day 9: Cellist at the Supermarket

Had to go shopping this afternoon at the supermarket in the nearby small city. Geared up to go complete with mask and hand sanitizer and gloves - but fortunately I brought along the most important piece of survival gear: my Pen F with its 15mm PanaLeica lens. When I got there, the parking lot was half empty - the store was relatively empty too, with masked shoppers and marked spots for where to wait in the strangely lonnnng checkout lines. But immediately outside the main doors there was an open-air concert going on---

A local musician, a cellist, was playing new-age solo cello pieces, mix in a little Bach, a little Dave Brubeck, a little Ravi Shankar and a lot of fine fingering and bowing and....I had to stop. And watch. And listen.... It was a great impromptu concert. I didn't have much cash, but I gave him what I had, and we smiled at each other.


It was hard to find the right shot to post here, I'm putting a few more of the concert into the Outtakes thread. There were a lot of 'keepers' today. And, yes, I think the old adage is true: music makes the world go round. Especially when it (the world, that is) seems almost stuck in some alternate dimension. Moral of the story: if you can, support your local musicians and artists...because what they are doing, is nourishment as well.
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