News The Beginning of the End for Jpegs?

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Who doesn't love new formats being forced upon them?

Apple users should consider this line ......

"but if users need to move HEIF content outside of that ecosystem, it's worth looking into transcoding options (JPEG, for example) to provide the best backwards compatibility for other users."
'Sounds very interesting. However, acknowledging how many times "iPhone" was written in the article makes me think it will be a somewhat proprietary "thing" with Apple for at least a while. When I see what an HEIF image looks like shot with a Fuji or an Olympus or a whatever other than a cell phone I suspect my interest will be sucnificantly peaked.
Steve, thanks for the link.
. . . David


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I thought High Sierra was excellent. Bogart played against type and opened up a whole new career direction for himself and Ida Lupino was scorching. People tend to overlook it because of course The Maltese Falcon came out the same year and really captured the attention of critics and public alike.

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