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Sunny Frimley
Having posted girly ballet shoes I thought I'd post some pics of a friend's barn conversion for the male contingent here! I used pointoneeight's "recipe" in LR3. He used this a lot in his pics on the m43rds forum.




I like these very much Christine - my favorite vote goes for your final one - love the reflections! That first one has a bit of a futuristic feel to it - probably that bright lighting coming in from the right. Quite cool.

Are you still shooting jpeg with the X1? Boy, I do miss it's wonderful sensor and simplicity of form.

Now I need to learn about that LR recipe.;) Is it partly an extra few dashes of sharpening?
Looks like a suedo HDR effect to me. Not my cup of Darjeeling I'm afraid. I would prefer 1X images unprocessed as they are best that way. Saying all this that last one kinda works well.
Certainly an interesting subject and different Christina

and isn't digital great when you can experiment so freely

Thanks for showing the effect - although I like them, for me I find them a bit "flat" - maybe lacking contrast if you want to get more technical
Thanks for looking you two! I took these pics last weekend but it was raining and I had to keep the Leica inside the barn so all the photos had to be from looking outwards. I came across the settings I used on a piece of paper in my camera bag and thought I'd give them another go. They seem to work best on brick buildings. The window picture was probably the best of the set and I was pleased with the way it turned out. The others were just me playing with some rather boring shots! I quite enjoy the fiddling around part of the process I must admit.

Ghosthunter, thanks for the link. Looks most interesting so I've bookmarked the site so that I can have a good read later :)