Challenge! The Celebrity Game


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Any camera, any photo but the first word of your photo title has to start with the first letter of the last word of the description in the last photo posted.
Have fun! I will start.

Yellow flowers

Now the next photo has to start with the letter F
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Well, slightly different, but this was taken by my once and current GF's father when they were in London in 1981. I was missing her badly (I would have been 17 & she was 15 at that time) and so with my fathers help sent her a bouquet of roses - so " Flowers for London"
flowers to london.jpg

Given the symbolisms of roses, I've always found it amusing that the flower shop put red and white roses in the bouquet ;)
It's from an old word game: Someone names a celebrity, then the next player names another celebrity whose name begins with the letter of the last name of the previous celebrity. Don't blame me. I didn't make it up.