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Dec 25, 2010
The Netherlands
This is a diptych I created for Single in January 2016, but would also be fitting here.

Handholding Graves
by Marlof Bregonje, on Flickr

As seen on the Old Cemetery of Roermond. Colonel J.W.C. van Gorcum and Jonkvrouwe J.C.P.H. van Aefferden, were both Christians. He was protestant, she catholic. This meant that after their death they would be separated, since each would be buried on the part of the cemetery of Roermond corresponding to their religion. When the colonel died, they buried him next to the dividing wall. When she followed a few years later, she was not placed in the family grave, but right on the other side of the dividing wall. And there they remain, holding hands forever.


The Circular Church and grounds seem to be well taken care of.
Most of them, especially near the downtown/tourist areas, are well cared for. The exception is the Unitarian Church, which the tour guides excuse on the basis that the Unitarians didn't believe in altering nature, or something along that line. I'm skeptical of that, but not inclined to check on it.

The problem (or photographic challenge) with the Circular Church is the bricks. Quite a lot of the bricked areas have had their reddish color washed out, and in most daylight situations, they have a dirty-milky-white appearance. Most of that fortunately was cropped out of this shot, but with some of my full-height photos I had to fill in some color, and with a lot of manual effort to make it look as irregular-natural as the rest of the brickwork.

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