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Feb 6, 2015
Central Ohio, USA
Lakeview Cemetery is the resting place of 2 people I did not know about. Went there looking for the Haserot Angel and also found Eliot Ness and Harvey Pekar. I would have gotten picks of US President Garfield's memorial, but it is under renovation at the moment and covered in scaffolding.

Haserot Angel

Eliot Ness

Harvey Pekar


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May 25, 2015
Fremantle, Western Australia

A Little Angel - Fremantle Cemetery #15
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

Exploring Fremantle Cemetery. From the gravestones of Helen (1893-1962) and Thomas Henry Charles Wood (1892-1966):

“In loving memory of our wife and mother Helen Woods, died 6th March 1962, aged 69 years.

“Also our loving father Thomas Henry Charles Wood, died 27 December 1966, aged 74 years, re-united with mum.”

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