The Christmas and End of Year 2010 Holiday Thread!


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Ouch, I'm glad to have a warm fire in the grate, nothing like that for me, the only similarity here is the weather and the recent snowfall frozen on the ground, the last time I went swimming was in the Persian Gulf with a water temperature of 34 deg C.



Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Brrrrr, refreshing to say the least. A day to remember! We girls are all shivering in our house as my husband is home to "supervise" the heating. He says we make the house too hot!!! I say, "do you want to eat today?" Merry Christmas Bill and family and anyone else online :)


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Sep 26, 2010
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Nov 23, 2010
Deirdre, I recognized those snow boarders immediately. I have some shots of them from a couple of years ago, right at the end of the street. Nice shots, I didn't get over there this year. Thanks.
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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
I'm sorry that I had, until right now, missed a whole bunch of these pictures. I'm glad I finally saw them!

As promised, I have at least one to add. Just got around to looking through some.

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