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Leica The CL and Summilux 35mm f1.4 TL

My Summilux 35mm f1.4 TL arrived yesterday while we were in near blizzard conditions here in northern Vermont. "SAMO".
Anyway, I've only been able to grab a couple of images with it on my CL so far. My wife and I will be traveling in a couple of weeks to get a break from the endless winter so many more images to follow.
However, here's a couple from inside. The shot with the "angels" is a near copy of a picture I took a while ago with the Fuji X-E2 and XF35mm posted on the "Serious Compacts" forum. I intentionally shot directly into a large glass door and I was pleasantly surprised to see the bokeh had a lot more "character" than I expected. The second shot mimics one I took with the CL and a Jupiter 8 posted elsewhere here on "Leica Place". Both were at f1.4. 'Thought I'd share the near first images from the camera and lens combination.
. . . David
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Feb 6, 2013
You want "beast," try the SL lenses. Heh! Waiting for the SL wide zoom, but the 12-90 has a decent "wide-side" for now.

I have the TL 18-56 and the 11-23, both are great, decent size. Surprised the 18-56 doesn't have image stabilization, but a great lens regardless. Have the original T and the SL to shoot them with now.

The CL with the 18mm will fit nicely in this belt-loop pouch ... The D-LUX does nicely while I wait, just wish they'd make one from the latest 20MP 4/3 sensors!

Leica D-LUX
by Carl B, on Flickr
Hi Carl,
"Beast" can be relative I guess. :rolleyes: When I got the CL I was only shooting with Voigtlander and Zeiss M-mounts. Much smaller hardware. But no complaints though with the 35mm TL. A super nice lens.
Hey, that D-Lux you have there is very fine indeed. An attractive package, nice image too.
I've never been a big user of zooms for no particular reason. Always seem to end up with primes of one kind or another. Although I have to say that sometime down the road I'd like one, fast and with IS. I'm surprised that the 18 - 56 doesn't have IS too.
. . . David

luo yi

Jan 5, 2018
Nice indeed. I might get back to the zoom T lens as well some day. ^_^. Did you try the in-camera BW? I converted the two pics of you into BW in neo-imaging, the tone is very attractive!

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