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As I mentioned earlier, I picked up the LX-5 on the spur of the moment as I was passing duty-free on my way for a work conference in Europe (it was quite comical watching me try and decide between it and the Samsung EX-1/TL500 :blush:). I would have taken my dSLR kit but the forecast was for heavy rain everyday and so I wanted to spare the anguish of breeding fungus throughout my precious kit. Well the weather worked out fine, and easily suitable for dSLR work. But I was quite happy with the versatility of the little Lumix. Here's a few street shots from my work 'down-time'. All B+W as you'll find over time that you will tire of my obsession with monochrome....

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Each their calling
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Impressive, stillshunter! I am not sure why you are thinking of trading this camera in when you get such great results.

Your first one of the teenagers has a film like feeling to me - as in from a film, perhaps it's the processing, I don't know but I like it a great deal. The young man who is facing you with his hands clasped in those too large looking gloves certainly is apart from his contemporaries who are busy talking and being together behind him. My other favorite of these three is your final picture of the dog and his or her owner - love the lines and light. I feel as though I can almost touch his fur. I'm also quite jealous that people can take their pets on trains there - while here, they would have to be a designated service dog, unless one got really lucky and had a tiny dog in a bag.

Are you absolutely sure you want to get rid of this coincidental LX5? I'm wondering if it might have been "meant to be" from the looks of these three.;)
Well I'm certainly addicted - and you might get a little tired of it after a please be frank! I almost went the way of over-saturated HDR with my regular photography, but then I saw the light, brothers and sisters :clap2:

Anyone else out there with a coincidental LX5 and monochrome images to share from it? Love to be swayed away from trading it in for a Sigma DPx