The Cost of Photographic Equipment

Wow, the irony in this thread. There was almost an identical one on an astronomy forum. Just enter "Telescope" where there is the word "camera".

I have the mindset that if you only own one camera, its the best camera you can use. If you own more than one camera, the best camera is the one you use most often.

In my own experience, quality(or performance) vs value is extremely logirithmic. Paying much much more for very little increases in quality.

If someone owns a leica and enjoys shooting with it, I say fantastic. If someone owns a 100 dollar point and shoot and is willing to work hard to get quality images, also fantastic.
I was reminded of a post by Ken Rockwell: How to Afford Anything

Some folks don't like Ken. Some of what he writes is silly, but I like his blog - there's some good info there, and his writing style isn't bad.

He's also a genius at getting highly ranked in Google. I don't know how he does it, but he ought to write a book about that!
Couldn't agree more, especially with point 15, but sometimes, just sometimes the secondhand Samsung might be the best tool for the job. No, no, that can't be right.