Compact The Day in Which a Panasonic LX7 and Pentax Q Pretend That They are GoPros


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Edgar Matias
Very nice work!

BTW, for those wanting a more filmic look out of the LX7, if you buy one in a PAL country (Europe or Hong Kong), it records HD @ 25/50 fps which can easily be conformed down to 24fps (vs. 30/60 fps for the US model).
That's is so cool, John! Looking forward to seeing the footage!

Footage is on the blog. Processing more as we speak...

the video is aces John....nice work. Lisa's enthusiasm is contagious. So now that you're not sitting next to her. How does it really drive?

Quite nice, actually. I really didn't push the pace since I was busy trying to have an intelligent conversation, handling seemed very neutral and composed. The near-silence of the LEAF and other EVs is the most profound thing; they literally are bank-vault quiet. Jump back into a gas-engined car or hybrid and they suddenly feel coarse and unrefined in comparison.

Is that just a suction cup holding the mount to the window?

Yup, just a single suction cup. Larger DSLRs often use two suction cups or more. I used to tether when possible, but that introduces its own challenges; a camera banging against the side of a car at 40MPH is likely to do some damage. I'm still gathering up the courage to mount it low on the car where I can't see it.

The moment I saw the thread title, I knew you were the one who posted it, John! Excellent and very cool!

Thx. Was it the gear used or the incisive writing that tipped you off LOL?!


Bring Jack back!
Houston, Texas
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Must be a super-duper suction cup!! I can't even get the suction cup for my V1 (the other V1, the Valentine radar detector) to stay stuck all the time!
Where do you get those suction cups John? Are they for the purpose you're using them?

I use RAM Mounts RAM Mounting Systems RAM-B-166-202AU Ram Mount Twist Lock Universal Suction Cup Mount with 1/4-Inch-20 Stud For Camera: Electronics

They are built for this. I had a similar mounting system previously for Contour cameras but sometimes the suction wasn't that good and it would work its way to vibrating. They do take some time to build trust with, but after a while you'll become more comfortable using them. I hang the Pentax Q on them knowing that a failure is only going to cost me a couple hundred bucks.
And a Honda Fit EV


You can really see the Image Stabilization of the Pentax Q working here. If you look in the upper right corner at around 2:20, the camera is really adjusting as the car enters and exits the bend.

I had a third party lens hood on the LX7 that I think is causing some of the vignetting on the interior shots. But it didn't happen in other shots, so I don't know if the hood was nudged or whether the IS is shifting the sensor to the point that it's causing vignetting.

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