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Mar 1, 2011
Hey everyone,
I don't know who else was there yesterday - but I got the camera out and soaked in the mood; in addition to a fair bit of rain.

Because London was so busy, once you had a spot, it was nigh impossible to relocate more than 10m to get a better angle on something, so if you were there, why not share your pictures, and see what other people missed!

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Anyway, a good day out was had by all, ending up in Camden, heavily refreshed; missing the last tube, and just catching the final train home by a matter of moments - where an impromptu chorus of Jerusalem / Pomp and Circumstance / Bohemian Rhapsody medly carried us through the early hours.



Oct 20, 2010
Thanks for the pics! Yes, there was a very heavy rain at the end, but I watched the German TV in HD, so it was very comfortable for me....... ;-)

As an old boat-head the oldtimer ships had my special interest, especially the steam boats and the 'Narrow Boats'. When I saw pictures of them I thought that some drunken boat builder mixed up his plans......but the layout had to meet the small canals. So form followed function, great.

Congrats for you that you have such a wonderful Queen and a husband aged 91 and still standing strong like a rock....... ;-)


Mar 1, 2011
Nice! I was around City Hall / the scoop at about 11am, but as the crowds started picking up, we went north of the river to get a better vantage point (to find somewhere dry and ideally unpopulated that sold food and beer) and it took about 40mins to cross London Bridge then - if we had got there much later it probably would have been impassible!

I've never seen so many people out on the streets of London before, it was quite an amazing experience!


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Oct 22, 2011
UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
Some Canon 5d candids from the celebrations on River Thames. Couldn't handle the Ricoh GRD3 today, hands were bad today.......needed the weight of the 5d +24-105 to hold them still for long enough to fire off a shot.

jubilee4 by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

jubilee3 by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

jubilee2 by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

jubilee1 by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

jubilee by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

jubilee5 by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

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