Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.


Jul 10, 2010
Huntsville, AL
Congrats to your Daughter BB.

When I graduated college, I just wanted the darn piece of paper. We didn't even get ours at the ceremony, it was mailed!
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A Quick Shot of Our Son

We're in finals week at the college where I teach so time to "play n' learn" about my X100 is somewhere between none and none. I did grab a shot of Dylan outside after we got home tonight. It's really the first outside shot I've done with the camera of a person. It's from a JPEG, set to Astia, (alleged to be Provia), auto DR, ISO250, f4. Slight bit of processing in LR.
Yup, I'm likin' what I'm seeing and can hardly wait to get out and about for an extended period of time, hopefully next week.

. . . Burkey


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
I had just decided yesterday not to bother with the jpegs anymore - but now I think I have to go back to Fine jpeg and RAW for a while to do some more experimenting.

It's wonderful to see the different versions of the "film" colors and more here!:2thumbs:

David (AKA Burkey) - your son looks like a great fellow and he also looks a lot like a pal of our daughters... Are you sure he doesn't live in Annapolis? :wink:
BB- "insert super large smiley face here". Thanks. Yup, he's a good person and pretty easy to bribe when I need to check out a camera or a lens.
jonoslack - very nice images!!!
I gotta' get back to reading emails from distraught students. More x100 image-making maybe this weekend.:)
. . . David, (AKA Burkey)

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