Fuji The Fujifilm X series image thread.

A 65 year old lens on a 1 year old camera.
This somehow reminds me of this little fun combo here (shot with Fuji X of course :D )

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I just realized that this thread didn't exist so I decided to create one.

I'll start off with this image.

Fujifilm X-T1 + 23mm F1.4 at F1.4, straight from camera. +2 Highlights/Shadows, Classic Chrome, ISO 800.

I was playing around with these two lenses and I am not a fanboy for any company so I would be completely happy having these two systems!

15mm is a gorgeous lens
by William Solis, on Flickr
Is this a gear thread or a thread to post pictures from your X-series camera? haha

Been asking that myself for a moment and just went with the flow, lol.

Took this after work a few nights ago. Can't decide if I got lucky with the train being there or if it just obstructed the view of the river.

I like it quite a bit, Jared. It's one of those images that make me stop for a while.

a few so far-3
by woody112704, on Flickr[/QUOTE]
Well, the picture of my XT1 with the Summaron was shot with an XT1 and 18-135 lens.
The weather still isn't co-operating to get outside and shoot so I'm still resorting to pictures of cameras!
I was just teasing about it being a gear thread. Thanks Ken, I wish the X-T1 had a little longer shutter. As I haven't received my Trigger Trap cords yet. I'm looking forward to getting that and putting it to some good use. I'm gonna get into doing some long exposures during the day as well with my ND filters.
The current 35mm F1.4 lens is optically one of the best lenses I've used. Some people complain about the AF speed. It's immaterial to me so I don't know if it's fast or slow. Supposedly the 35mm f2 addresses the speed issue. I always find it interesting how these things work out. If Fuji had first introduced the f2 lens and now brought out the f1.4 we would probably have the same comments being made but for different comments about the products.
I use the 35 alongside the 18-55 and 56 a lot, and I don't ever get annoyed by focusing speed. I can tell that it's a tiny bit slower than the 18-55, but not to a degree that causes me problems. In fact the larger available aperture often means that the 35 will do better in a dim room than the 18-55, just because it has so much more light coming in. With a moving subject, I often just full-press it and let the camera sort it out at the last second. That really does work a lot more often than it doesn't. Actually I just realized that's what I did for that shot above... I was walking backwards in front of her as we came in from the park, and I just aimed it for all that contrasty stuff on her chest and fired off 2 or 3 shots.

The "focusing speed" complaints about the 35 are grossly exaggerated. If they made a new version of it that focused silently and lightning-fast, I honestly don't think I'd care. It's already fast *enough.*
I knew they were doing the f2, isn't it suppose to be smaller as well? I thought I had read somewhere a while back that they were going to release an updated version, it must have been the f2 one. I may wait until that f2 comes out and see if anyone puts up a used f1.4 for a decent price.
I only have the 18-55 and it does all I want. I would like to add a smaller lens so I'll use my camera more often. Perfect would be both the 27mm and 35mm(because it can do things the 18-55 can't), but have to choose one for now. Think I'll also wait for the 35mm f2.0 to arrive before deciding:)

Anyway, here's a Fuji X image:
DSCF4358.jpg by PPaulllll, on Flickr

Lovely image, I just like looking at it!