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Just under four weeks ago, my father in law passed away suddenly. It's not been an easy time for anyone, and my photography use has been scarce, literally no motivation and fighting a severe sense of "what's the point". I did take the OM-1 to a football match because my daughter wanted to go as a distraction, but my heart wasn't really in it in terms of the photography. Yesterday, on a whim, I threw the X-pro on the front seat of the car, and have taken a few pictures. These are nothing shots. They're not important. Beyond the fact that the feel of the X-pro in hand, the plain rectangular form factor, the swapping between EVF and OVF , the satisfying shutter thunk ....... there's a hint of light in the gloom, and maybe I'll get inspired again. I hope I do. And I suspect, if I do, that it'll be cameras like the X-pro, PenF and Gx8 that will lead the way. Sometimes, you just need to feel good again in the process.

Valê , Simon. You are, and will forever be, sorely missed. Dreadfully.

RIP. And go well, whatever the curtain may shield.

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Sorry to hear about the unexpected passing - and I'm sending you my best wishes and hope for patience as you move through what comes afterwards. It's never really easy, even more so when it happens unexpectedly... and remembering those whom we care about - and the small things that made us care - can really be a good thing, at times.

Also... I really like these images. My two favorites are the initial one, of the avian mural... and the canine impromptu portrait which is, simply, a great photograph. I think you are totally right too: it helps to have a good tool - in this case camera - which somehow, lifting it and looking through it, lets you see some things in different ways.
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