The Halloween Thread for Scary Pictures!


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Jul 7, 2010
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Halloween around the globe

Halloween is celebrated in many places in many fashions on October 31st. For a little history: Halloween - Origin & History of Halloween

Some people enjoy Halloween, some ignore it, while others put up with it or can't abide it. I used to enjoy the night as a a parent, it was fun for me to follow our daughter around...and now I carve a pumpkin and hand out candy to the little children who ring our doorbell as they say "Trick or treat.":biggrin:

If you've got some good Halloween or Hallow's Eve pictures, please add them here!

They've started early in our town. Here is a little house I often see on my morning walks with my dog. I used my iPhone to make this picture with a dollop of Snapseed and then into the Lightroom cauldron.View attachment 42899


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