Sony The joys of new camera ownership, or...Aw...crap!

So I'm sitting in my office looking out the window and I see a large bird soaring over the detention pond out back. Way too large for a Red Tailed Hawk. Well, we get plenty of Turkey Vultures. Nope, not that. Also an occasional Osprey. Nope. Well then, it must be an Eagle. Why yes, an immature Bald Eagle is out there. Crap, all I have with me is the 17-28 and the 24-240. He's close enough and low, maybe that'll be enough. Grab the camera. Crap, the 17-28 is mounted. Change out the lens. Crap, where the hell is that release button? Oh yeah, other side of the mount than EVERY OTHER FRIGGING MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD...

Run outside. Decide on P on the way out, nah, M. Half-press, shoot. Wait, need AF-C...Crap, where's that setting? Oh yeah. Need burst...Crap, where's that setting? Oh yeah. Need bird detect...Crap, where's that setting? Never mind, he's moving away.

Practice and familiarity breeds quickness.
It's never happened to me.:hiding:
It takes time. I am so used to certain things being in certain places. The focus and burst selectors on the G9 are right there up-close and in-person, no need for the screen.

I was thinking about setting up one of the customs for BIF, but I really don't do it that often. Plus, it's better to practice doing it on the fly. Once it's all muscle memory it will be quick. Hey, I was impressed I could even remember where the shortcut keys for the focus and burst are! :laugh1:

I've shot about 50 photos with the camera so far and only static stuff until this. It was just one of those situations, he'll be back.

I haven't even mounted the 200-600 to the camera yet, maybe this weekend.
Ha :cool: sounds normal. Pretty lucky here because over 80% I have set for BIFs and the rest is stationary birds. Nowhere near as versatile as you folks and anything under 500mm is with a phone camera ;) The Sony's have so many settings you can tie into the buttons and switches, just about all the menu settings and functions are settable. I have some of the most used ones set in the function (FN) button settings and a few less used ones assigned to the C3 button "star: favorites". In there you can just add anything you like.

As I said before, that 200-600 is stunning. My first AF lens and I still use the Canon 500 F/4.5L, but that 200-600 at 600mm is just as good, if not slightly better IMO.

All the best and good luck with it.

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