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I finally got a trailer hitch bike rack capable of supporting the electric bike we use to haul The Girl around. That allows us to bring that awesome rig (and a bike for the other adult) wherever around here. On Sunday, "wherever" turned out to be the Klickitat Trail. I think I had read that it was rail-trail, and while that could be accurate technically, it was a good bit sloppier and rougher than I pictured, for most of it. Stil doable, and still enjoyable, but less so for the 7 year old bouncing along on 1 wheel behind me... There were stretches that were honest, rutted, rocky, single track whoopties. There was mud. There was a stream crossing, albeit tiny! It was awesome.

I thought of Tony all the while. And I did my best to shoot as I rode, as we stopped for snacks, and as we sipped wine at the trail head after. And I have ZERO time to edit, so forgive me... Some pics:

Starts out nice and smooth, and for the first mile or so it's easy rolling. The wife's weapon of choice for this was a dutch city bike -- 3 speeds, slickish tires, upright sitting position, cushy seat... and she loved it. But she's pretty good.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

A nice bridge comes up a mile out.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

Almost exactly the setup we used for Pitt-DC, and in very very similar conditions, but only 9 miles out and 9 more back this time, in stead of 340.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

Things take a turn for the muddy.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

Bringing lunch and beers is THE way to do this.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

My rig.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

The kinds of riders and rigs you usually see out here. The wife got no end of amusement when all 3 of them had to put a foot down crossing the running stream/mud section we had just finished, when she was able to make it on the dutch rig. I was so glad they all smiled as they passed.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

And then there were free range cows...
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

Stream crossing. I failed to notice how deep it was, and went for it! And I made it, but it was about a foot deep, so it would've been smarter to just push across. But life's too short for 100% good decisions.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

And finally, enjoying the view and a glass back at the starting point.
by gordopuggy, on Flickr

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