Micro 4/3 The LCD screen on Panasonic Cameras (GF3, G3, GX1?)


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Ok, so I hope nobody is offended by this, it's not meant to be Panasonic bashing, but I've played a bit with a friend's GF3 and also with a G3 in a store and I find the panasonic screen that is used on these models to be absolutely terrible (I think the GX1 uses the same screen too, but I'm not sure).

This is surprising to me as I don't remember seeing comments about this in Internet reviews. It's not so much about the screen resolution (which is not stellar but pretty decent at 460k) but I find the color rendering to be extremely unflattering (especially skin tones), the blacks are actually greys, and the "dynamic range" seem very poor even compared with lower resolution screens I've tried in the past (the D3100's for instance) or to the X100 screen, which has a similar resolution I think.

So my question is: Am I the only one to feel that way about those pana screens? Do you use some particular settings to improve the viewing experience?


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I have to agree that the colours on the Panasonic Micro 4/3 LCD screens are not quite right. However you can go to the "spanner" menu, select monitor, and adjust the colours which may improve this. The screens aren't quite as bad as the strong green cast which afflicted the Canon 30D, though.

Actually the worst thing I find about the Panasonic LCDs is that they don't show an accurate representation of the final exposure. On my Olympus m4/3 cameras, and...err...like, every other live view I have ever used, the displayed live view image exposure is WYSIWYG. Not Panasonic, however. I've done some unscientific tests using the exposure compensation and by my reckoning the live view image and the recorded image can be anything up to two stops different in exposure. It partly defeats the purpose of live view when the LCD screen is no more intelligent than an optical viewfinder.

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