Leica The Leica CL to TL adapter came in...


Finally this afternoon the Leica CL - TL adapter came in and no surprise, it seems to fit very well, maintains focus at infinity and allows the camera to identify 6 bit coded lenses... I took a few shots with a couple of different M lenses and they rendered very sharp and beautiful images.

Now I can play with the CL and all the M mount lenses I already have as well as some R, Canon and Olympus lenses adapted to the M mount.

CL to TL adapter.jpg


I very much look forward to seeing how those M lenses render on the latest camera.

Well, I had very mixed results again... I'll post some shots I just took this morning with each camera and an adapted R70-200 Vario Elmar. I cropped the images tp about the same size. I unfortunately forgot to check the various settings in each camera so the color rendering is quite different. I tried to correct it by applying the automatic exposure setting on LR...


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