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Just ordered a refurb LX7. It's another one of those cameras that I've been keen to try for some time, and the prices are finally coming down in the UK. Haven't pulled the trigger on a viewfinder yet until I see what I think of the camera.
I haven't been hugely impressed with the LX7 outdoors, but that lens is fantastic indoors. I got this one at ISO 800 and 1/10 second braced against a table...


Mar 31, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Had an LX3 once upon a time and was pretty happy with it, so I bought the LX7. I wanted to try the LX5 as well, but never got to it.

Had the LX7 paired with the EVF and was pretty happy for a moment before having bad GAS. My 8yo daughter has my old LX3 still, just with a small crack to the LCD now. She's still in love with it.

Some LX7 randoms...

P1010311 by cxcxsx, on Flickr

P1000455 by cxcxsx, on Flickr

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