The May Prompts Photo Challenge sign-up thread


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Luke seems like there's enough interest in the May Challenge being discussed here......

So this thread will just be used to see who's all in and for the first 36 participants (if we get that many) to choose some sort of prompt to inspire the shooters. You can see that other thread for a description, but the long and short of it is that it can be anything you want it to be. It could be sort of technique or direction or a theme or a feeling. It can be a photo or song to inspire us in a certain way. It can be a word or a sentence or a paragraph. To a certain extent, the more open-ended and interpretive the better, but people SHOULD feel free to go anywhere they like from that prompt.

It's all just window-dressing anyways to the real reason for doing it. Getting out and shooting.

The other thread will remain open for discussions, but if we could keep this thread clean and uncluttered that would be great. So the rest of this thread will merely be a prompt (in whatever form you you like). By entering a prompt for us, you are signaling your inclusion in the challenge.
I'll get us started......
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