The "new" dog.....


Rescues are sweet. Sometimes I feel guilty that all my dogs were expensive, bought purebreds, and that I was a show dog breeder myself for ten years. Lots of times I've seen rescues, mixes and mongrels seeming to have more qualities than purebreds...


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When I was a kid we had a similar experience. Our Labrador returned home with a Collie in tow. She stayed, and was just so at home. There were signs of rough treatment, but she recovered.

Our cat (sorry, cat in a dog thread) is a rescue. He seems happy to have acquired us.

Our first, a German Shepard, he was a rescue shelter dog and he had been beaten by his behavior but he was so devoted and such a good dog over time. The second, the one that found us was his little friend, sometimes desired, sometimes not, but she too was a good dog, a very smart one. Either way works.


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I posted this in the dogs thread but here is the little guy on Friday afternoon hike. He's a great dog.


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Well, he's cute as all get-out, good of you to save him. I once scooped up a litter of puppies that had been dumped in a field. They, rather, saw me walking my dog and decided I was a soft touch. Not knowing how to get them home across a busy street (there were 5 of them) I called a friend to pick me up. I didn't keep them, but did drop them off at the human society, where pups are snapped up within minutes.

But don't do what I did, do what I say, and keep the little sweet-heart.