Fuji The New Generic Lens Hood For X100 (With Pics)


I just recently recieved a generic lens hood from a seller on Ebay located in China. The whole time I was keeping my fingers crossed hoping it would not look cheap or out of the norm. I have posted some pictures of the hood and the hood on the camera, enjoy:

The Kit came with no intructions, but none are needed; it's a pretty simple set up.

This pic is of the first ring on the camera.

Here is the complete hood installed.


This pic is of the normal view finder; you can see the hood.

If the electronic view finder is on, you don't see the hood.

In all I am very satisfied with the hood kit, for $50.00 it's definately worth buying. The quality of the material is solid, its easy to install, and it looks very much like the Fuji hoods I have seen online going for 150+. I can not directly compare them because I have never seen the official Fuji hood, but still recommend this product, after all its only $50.00 with free shipping.


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I got the very same one. Great build quality and I don't find the hood that intrusive of the OVF. I've got a slim Hoya UV in case of inclement weather, but on the whole I'd rather the lens naked....as the Gods of Design on Mt Fuji intended :wink:
I like your thinking :) I was thinking the same thing, but recently I have noticed a fair few people putting UV filters on their x100, and it got me thinking that maybe it could be worth it for the safety of the lens. However, the adapter does offer a little more protection... might by a 49mm polarizer instead :)

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