The New House at Number 35.


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Bill Shinnick
There is a new house being built on the block behind our house. I have taken a few photos at significant stages and thought I'd continue to share them from time to time in this thread.
Unfortunately, I missed recording the demolition. Photos are taken with the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens set to 16:9 aspect ratio and defished in Paintshop Pro 2019.

The bare block and erecting a retaining wall.

P2160220 -1.jpg
P4150587 -1.jpg


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Basements are just assumed for this midwesterner (where we can hide from tornadoes) so I'm always shocked (really) to see a building being built on a slab.

Cool series, Bill. I look forward to following along with the construction. Does Google street view have a photo of the now-demolished home?
No work as rain expected today. Taken today to see where they finished after one day (7am to 5:30pm). This one not defished to show more.

I really want this to turn into something like Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. Have you witnessed any weird things going on, like the mafia trying to dump a suspicious carpet roll into the concrete foundations?
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