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Marked my For Sale Pentax K-01 as Completed. In fact I've decided to keep it. It cost me £299 body only and now the update has sped things up a little, I'm falling for that ugly brick all over again :)

I am selfishly glad that you decided to keep the K-01 because I like seeing your shots, especially with the FA 77. :biggrin:


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I never hated the K-01. And since I am down to only one Pentax body - the K-5 - I've been pondering a second Pentax body for my 12-lens collection. But the lack of a viewfinder option, combined with the limited usefulness of the rear LCD in bright sunlight, keeps me from pulling the trigger on the K-01. I keep waiting for Ricoh to bring out a K-mount module for the GXR. But I suspect that might be too long a wait.


Sunny Frimley
I agree up to a point. I used mine in Spain last Summer and found it irritating rather than a huge problem. Focus peaking is it's saving grace I think! I can still use it if I shoot one handed and shade my eyes with my other hand but for the most part, the weather in the UK is not that sunny:wink:

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