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Great, another NEX camera with whiz-bang technical features. Sony, where are the lenses?

I will say, though, that at least Sony is innovating. They need more lenses, but while others are kind of stuck Sony is pushing new boundaries.


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Am I the only one that wants a bigger body for these things? Thin is cool, but I need it a little taller. There's nowhere for me to put my hands.

No you are not alone Luke... I actually briefly owned a Nex 5N, and my thoughts were exactly the same. I know a lot of people complain about the lens size on the Nex, it is actually not so much that they are too big, but more the body too small.. Having said that I really like the feel of the Nex 7 (which is bigger), and the soon to be announced 6 takes that body shape I believe...


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Now that I have an RX100, I am no longer pining for a small camera, but Sony has actually benn trying to find the right body size. The NEX3 line has actually gotten bigger.


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The unfortunate thing is that every year they actually fall further behind in glass compared to M43, because M43 has 2 manufacturers. It doesn't really matter of course in actual usage, the main thing is the Sony lineup has to stand on its own. But as much as I love the 5N body/sensor, there's no 'gotta have it' lenses for me personally.

The 35mm f/1.8 may change that though...
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