The NY Times Magazine's "Our Top Ten Photos Books of 2011"


betwixt and between
December 27th, 2011 by The Photo Department of the NY Times:
It was not unlike a political caucus. The candidates — in this case, nearly 100 photography books published this year — took over every inch of available counter space in the photo department, where they were carefully scrutinized by a group of opinionated voters, each of whom was given just 10 Post-it notes as ballots. Impassioned speeches were made. Votes were cast: a few books grew polychromatic bouquets of Post-its — each voter had his or her own individual color — while others sprouted single lonely Post-its. Votes were changed: worthy candidates, including the likes of Diana Vreeland and Gerhard Richter, were abandoned. Finally, after weeks, a group of winners emerged. Like all campaigns, it was brutal. Here are the 10 victors, in no particular order...

To read more click on this link: Our Top Ten Photo Books of 2011 - See what you think.

P.S. I think this one sounds very interesting
“Magnum: Contact Sheets” (Thames & Hudson)
An extraordinary window into the editing process that goes into photojournalism. Arranged chronologically, the book gives readers the chance to study the contact sheets, marked-up by editors and the photographers themselves, that yielded some of the most iconic images in the Magnum archive. Accompanying text fills in the story behind the shoots. An absolute must-have for students, editors and lovers of photography.
Of course there are 9 more to peruse.;)


the Magnum book has been well reviewed and I read a feature about it the other week ... it does look very interesting ... the downside is the cost and there are reports that it's cheaply bound and falls to pieces quickly!