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Someone needs to pour some water on the flames because when flames and GAS mix, there can be an explosion. So I'll start out with my deal breaker. Feel free to add your own personal gripes (even if you are going to buy it or are considering it). You may just be able to help a fellow forum member with their GAS problem as it relates to this wee wonder.

So my complaint is it's just too small. If they had made it just a little taller, the rear controls wouldn't be so tiny and awkward to use.

Also, I think they got the silver wrong (though the black looks great).

Admittedly that is a small list of gripes.....hopefully someone else has a few.

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you should be able to figure it out...
Don't mind the rear controls with such excellent top and front controls!

The only thing I can even begin to THINK about complaining about is the lack of flip up screen. But assuming it was that or the EVF, I'll take it as is.

My only real complaint is what I'm sure will be real limitations in the auto-ISO system. This is my pet-peeve and not many others care about it, but I care deeply. For street shooting and action shooting, it matters. For anything else, not so much...

That's all I got. This one's got instant classic written all over it...



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Funny, it doesn't interest me at all. I'd rather go really small (RX100, Ricoh GR or the new Canon G7X which looks yummy) or accept that I'm going to notice I carry a camera and go with something like a Sony A6000 or even Canon SL1.
- I have a nice Panny 12-35mm F2.8 waiting for a discounted/used GM1 or GM5.
- Won't work with my Olympus 45mm F1.8
- Top shutter speed dial is an affectation. Yes, it's retro, but it's also likely slower than a modern control wheel.
- I'm done with taking massive depreciation hits for toys.


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Size - this is a slightly downsized Canon G1Xm2, not an upsized RX100.
Controls - don't like dedicated dials, especially since they don't have an interlock.
Aesthetics - looks chunky, again like the G1X.
Pixel count - not quite 180 dpi for 16x24 prints.

None of these are necessarily deal-breakers, but the choice isn't quite as obvious as I hoped, whereas an LX7 with a 1" sensor, built-in VF and 24-100 lens would have basically been a no-brainer for me.


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Let's hear 'em Nic.

LOL, well...

- Smaller than I'd prefer
- Letterbox style rear screen, no tilt or swivel
- Prefer multi-function dials over dedicated dials, don't like lens-mounted aperture dials
- The rear control ring looks fiddly to operate
- Being a Panasonic I have doubts that it will provide a consistently accurate exposure preview


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The rest of your list is pretty sound, but while the above is true, if you are operating Ap, SS and EV via dedicated controls, then the dial really becomes less critical.

I'm guessing that you might use it during playback and for various menu-based setting adjustments, so you're right in that it's not as problematic as the similar dial from the old E-P1/2 to give one example.

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