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Sunny Frimley
What a lovely place to be laid to rest. Love the tree and the light falling on those stones. Lots of texture in the grass too. The arms of the tree seem to be protecting the graves. Very, very nice BB :)

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
WOW. That's from your X1 days and its just showing up now? That's a real stunner. Sort of ethereal, creepy, and beautiful, all wrapped in one package. REALLY nice!



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BB, I really like your cemetery picture. Did you process this with the Nik program? The light on the 2 front tombstones is wonderful. Thanks.
Yes, I did ricks. By the way, it seems that Nik is having some sales going on with its software, if anyone has been thinking about it - and don't forget they have a 15 day free trial, too.

Many thanks to you all for your comments. Yes, Ray, believe it or not I'm still going through some photos from my trip down to the Outer Banks. I really didn't take all that many due to being kind of stuck with my sprained ankle. This one was taken on the same afternoon as a few others I've posted in here... I got my husband to drive me around and usually I was just sitting in the passenger seat due to my "Frankenstein boot", etc.

Just for fun, here is the scene in color, which gives it a different feel, I know.


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