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I have been shooting mostly with my new Lumix G85 and the Nocticron 42.5mm lately. Pretty impressed with the IQ considering that it is only a little M4/3 setup. (yeah, the Nocticron is not really that tiny but much lighter than the other Noct). Here are some of the pic I took of my kids, what else do you expect :) My shoulder greatly appreciate this setup when we visited Boston yesterday. For once, I did not miss my M.

by VINCE, on Flickr

by VINCE, on Flickr

by VINCE, on Flickr

by VINCE, on Flickr

by VINCE, on Flickr


Superb, Vince. This was the lens I was going to take to shoot in the pit orchestra: it's phenomenal. It was just a bit too 'tele' for the pit, so I took the Pana-Leica 25mm instead. Wish the 25mm rendered like this beast!

Sigh. My kids are in college: I blinked! So don't blink, whatever you do...


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Hi Carl,

I actually brought the 42.5 and the 25 with me. The 25mm is probably a better lens given the situation where there were just tons of people and the place is packed because it was the day before the Marathon. But I got too lazy to switch lens. Like you said, the 25mm also does not have the nice rendering as the 42.5.

As for my kids, yeah, they are like weeds, growing up way too fast. Lucky that I am able to document every stage of their life in digital format. Unlike storing film negatives which can deteriorate, with digital, no such worries. On second thought, not sure if you ever look back at some of the older image you took with older digital camera. I look back at some image I took of my daughter when she was born. I was using the D200 with a 105mm micro VR back then. When I look at the image now, it does not look as good as before. Might be physcology. The image just seem more dull and not as vibrant. Digital rot??? hehe



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We certainly do hope there is not digital rot....or worse....no backwards compatibility. Even in the medical imaging business where there are reputedly standards to last (DICOM), there are many variations, versions, and deviations causing migration to newer platforms a potential crisis.


Well done! I love the shot of the two girls. It is just filled with energy and makes you smile. The colors look as if they came out spot on too. All of them do actually. Nice work! :)

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