Micro 4/3 The Panasonic 20mm F 1.7 lens Image Thread


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Jun 25, 2011
My first day with the new lens. I love it. I originally purchased the Zuiko 17mm 2.8 but returned it after reading all the info on this lens.

1/2000 sec F2.8 iso 200

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Jul 11, 2010
Ontario, Canada
Thanks Bud! It was on the 'Retro' setting in camera and i really like it in certain circumstances. The G3 really is a fab camera.
It certainly seems it is fab, but don't discount the photographer. You have the eye (not the bad one as in Lord of the Rings, the good one, as in, well, photography..)


Dec 1, 2010
Alsace, France
There was one of these on my Amazon wish-list, but for some reason - not, I hope, unconnected with my upcoming birthday - it has disappeared. How very nice! Nice, too, to see such a positive series of crits. Jollifies one no end. Ta!

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