Challenge! The Photo Below Me (TPBM)


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Post a photo that matches the TPBM description of the last post and supply a TPBM description for the next photo to follow.

Keep it simple and have fun!


The next post must have:

TPBM is in the water
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This is a ship in the water
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I ask for
The Photo Below Me is a landscape.
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A story how I got this camera. My Daughter finished her final exam on a Wednesday Afternoon, and we immediately started on the 14-hour car trip for the graduation ceremony. Had my Df packed with lenses up to the 200/4. Forgot the camera bag, trip to Walmart to pick up this $160 "super-zoom". It did the job. Visited Calloway Gardens and family after the graduation. So... "Let me tell you how I got this camera..."

The Photo Below Me is taken on a Beach. (we need warmth and sunshine!)
Fed me a Straight Line for this evenings drive through the Bull Run festival of Lights....

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Af-Nikkor 24/2.8, picked up for $45 and replaced the front element from a parts 24/2.8 Ais. Out the car window.

The Bear lights up in sequence... So- a Little Bit Off.

TPBM is a Table Set for Dinner, as many of us have done this past long weekend. People at the table- optional.