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Duane Pandorf

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Apr 25, 2011
Western NC
I like the colour much better from your ME, tempted!
There has been much debate about the comparison of the Leica CCD based cameras to the latest CMOS M. I got to shoot with the M last March and recently downloaded some M DNG files to experiment again with post processing in Lightroom.

I can can say it would take me a while to develop a new routine to process the new M files compared to my current process. The files are very different.

I'm also not using the Adobe Leica M9 profile nor the embedded M9 profile either. I'm using a third party profile that uses a little less saturation in the reds and blues. Plus the skin tones look better with it. But if I want to boost the colour I will use the embedded profile. I'm on my iphone right now but would more than happy to provide a link to the profile I'm using.

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