The Pub now asking for photo-ID.


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Bill Shinnick
This is a very friendly forum and many of us are now on first name terms. I'd like to invite patrons of the pub to share a casual portrait of themselves. Alan Roseman who is also a member here ran a similar thread over at mu-43 that was very successful and I'm sure it would be nice to 'see' some of the faces associated with the names.

I'll start of with my most recent image that also includes my lovely wife of 43 years.

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Free drinks to everyone who posts. :drinks: :alcoholic:
Wonderful idea, Bill! It's great to see you both here and now that your wife has made her presence known in the pub, I'm planning on having a long chat with her soon!:D

I am usually on the other side of the lens, as most of us are...but I'll be back with some ID - I promise!
You know what? This is a great thread...after all this time to finally see some of you - the other's I've seen before;) - well, seeing everyone makes me smile.

Nic, you are soon to be a lucky young man! And Will, that's a nice shot and I like having a non long bow image in my mind to switch off to.:D
OK, this is a first for me, but like someone said this is a friendly place.
Im very against photo's of me online, so I will keep this image up for a week and then delete it - its a compromise of sorts..
This although guilty of very blown highlights is a favourite and was taken halfway up the Eiffel Tower.
I like it because it reminds me how lucky i am, as the beautiful lady with me is my fiance and I love how she looks in this :)