The Pub now asking for photo-ID.


Colorado Springs
A couple of selfies that I shot today. :wink:



betwixt and between
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Thanks you all! I think 99.9% of us hate taking self-portraits. I did this for two reasons - one being that when I shuffle off this mortal coil, I'd like my daughter to have at least one picture of me that makes me look pretty good:wink: and the other - I just figured it was time to give myself an updated ID so that I could be served by Bill, our devoted barkeep.

Took the pix by propping my iPhone on the window in our upstairs bathroom which just happens to have lovely northern light. (No flash involved) I would have preferred to have it have been a more spontaneous picture but what can one do when it's a self-portrait?

OK, you all who haven't put your "mugshot" in here yet - don't be shy.:drinks:

Dewi Sant

Lancashire, England
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Anyway you can embed here, Dewi, so we can have you in the ID line up?

I'll give it a go, BB but I use Photobucket which has been trying to give my computer a virus the last couple of times I've tried to upload new photos onto there. Hence the reason I keep posting links to any shots that I already have in my website, so apologies for that. I'll run a malware check now to see if it makes any difference.

D :)

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