The Pub now asking for photo-ID.

Understandable. I think I've done 4 in the last 24 plus years, if I count the one my dog shot of me during the Single In January a year or two ago.;) I liked two of them.:D
Sometimes I feel so uninspired ... let there be (en)light(enment) ;)
Fooling around with the new toy. In-camera double exposure (lamp in my son's room and my humble self in front of the bathroom mirror)
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Clear or frosted bulb … energy-saving … LED … halo-gen ??? Really hard to tell :)
Nice to see this long dormant thread of mine resurrected after nearly 4 years. Other new-ish members feel free to amaze us with your selfie prowess or otherwise give us a peep at your visage. Older members feel free to update yours as well.
So I promised a mug shot of me with the daily paper a few days ago to prove I am actually taking pictures again after the pandemic for another thread.
So here is how I look!
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You can see the lines caused by my reading glasses going back from my eyes.
Children actually don't scream and run when they see me!