The quest for a DAM

Gloucester, UK
Lightroom all the way for me. Every year when the subscription date looms I look for an alternative and every year I renew it.

I started using LR face recognition about three years ago and the initial run through of 25K photos took almost a day and a half (on a Windows i7 box that was oldish but still reasonably well specced for the time).

I’m now on a Mac Mini M1 and adding a few hundred photos takes a few minutes to process but I’m always having to make manual corrections and enter names for faces it has picked up before.

I trialled ACDSee late 2022 and found the performance about the same as LR. However, LR offers all the other organisational /DAM tools I need so I stick with it.

Final caveat if you go LR: identify the directory in which LR stores its catalog files and back them up regularly.