The Rame Peninsula


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The Rame Peninsula is the most extreme south east corner of Cornwall and forms the western edge of Plymouth Sound. Although close to Plymouth this is an isolated part of the county with an ancient history.
Rame Church was consecrated in 1259 and still lacks a supply of both mains water and mains electricity. Evening services are held by candle light. Since these photographs were taken in July 2010 restoration has commenced on the roof.
On Rame Head itself there is the remains of a 10th century chapel where the monks used to light fires to guide ships in and out of the port of Plymouth. To this day there is a yearly service held in the old chapel.


Rame Church


The Lych Gate to the Church


A typical design of headstone for a person lost at sea


Rame Head with the tiny chapel visible on the summit

All photographs taken with a Panasonic GF1 fitted with a 15mm, f/4.5 Voigtlander Super Helier,
pp in Bibble Pro 5, converted to B+W with Andrea plug in, film simulated is Ilford Delta 3200 with Ilfotec DO-X developer and developing time varied to suit contrast of picture.
Settings were iso 200 for all.

Barrie, thank you for these. I am with Christina and Don - the photos, the way you've done them in black and white plus the backstory all make this thread well worth looking at and reading.

I do very much enjoy threads like this - photos and the history or story that goes with them. I hope you'll bring more here for us all to enjoy with you.