Cats The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread


betwixt and between
As I am confirmed dog lover, I almost feel disloyal starting this thread, but here I go. We have three cats that found us and decided we were worthy.;) I have friends who have cats, too, and have found them to be both inscrutable, as well as quite photogenic.

I'll start this off by introducing Nalo. I took this with my handy LX5 yesterday afternoon in his living room. He is a well read cat.

Although cats are generally inscrutable, you've captured Nalo in a way that shows off his personality :2thumbs:
Wow, Christilou, that's a great contrast! I know the first is a yawn, but those teeth just say "predator" to me. Then the next is so sleepy :).
Agreed, with Amin on Tigger! That's the thing I've noticed with most, though not all, cats - they can switch personalities rather quickly. Christina, Nalo is not mine - he's a wonderful cat though, never an unpleasant word nor action from him.

Deidre, Scruffy was clearly well loved. 17 years is a long time to be with a beloved pet. I will check out his photo legacy later on in Flickr. Your little Oracle Kitty's expression compliments that archway perfectly!
The archway is really small -- maybe mid-thigh height. It's a lot of work to build something like that! The cat is therefore smaller than it appears.
BB, Tigger doesn't "belong" to us either! He is a shared cat and he belongs to my neighbour. He spends time with us when he feels like bestowing us with his presence and has made himself thoroughly at home in the way only a cat can. He's about 11 or 12 years old now and so we are well used to him and love him to bits:love:
My dear departed cat, Scruffy. He was with us for 17 years and died this last summer. This photo's from January 2006:

I hate it when a pet dies and that's why I won't have one again, although Tigger seems to have wormed his way into our hearts and we will be heartbroken when his time eventually comes :( Seventeen years is a very long life for a cat and Scruffy must have had a wonderful life. You must miss him terribly.
Well, he'd had health challenges to the point where we were wondering if keeping him alive would be feasible much longer. He definitely declined a lot in the last few years: he'd grown deaf, he'd lost a leg to his second bout of cancer, and he had congestive heart failure.

That said, he purred readily up until the end.

Our current cat prefers to be outdoors, will spend all of five minutes with people (unless it's outdoors on her terms). She's not very bright, hates cat doors, but she's a good cat. She's just not a good kitty.
Oh, deirdre, what a health battle Scruffy had. :sad010: For those of us who love our animals, and have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end, we know how heart breaking it is when they become sick. Much loved animals are never with us long enough.

Yes, there is a difference between a good cat and a good kitty.