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Ben Casper

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Ben Casper
Aah! Honey is still living with us.

Nikon D300 RAW Images SOOC + minimal sharpening


Mismet, the ClawPaw II

My third picture with the Macro Rokkor-QF
@ f:8 and ISO200. Not exactly hair sharp.
I'd obviously disremembered that I had it set at ISO200, and with handheld camera and 2 sec self-timer, so....🙀 Still, a nice little paw!

Well, we all know that new gear takes some getting used to...
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Two cats, Bentley (tuxedo) and Mercedes (calico), now share my abode.

Years ago my companion was Lana and I confess she was my favorite and is still sorely missed today.

My ancient Dell desktop recently died and I was unable to repair it. I decided to treat myself to a new iMac. The new machine is fast and capable, but having been away from Macintoshes for 30 years, the interface requires some learning. Lacking a seven year-old to explain the interface to me, I set out to write a little bit about Lana. This gave the opportunity to read old photo files from a backup USB drive, read new photo files from an SD card and become familiar with the Photo and Pages applications. You can read the resulting PDF here >>> Lana's Tale.

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