Animals The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

Irene McC

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My sweet Freya watching the sunset with me tonight

Web 1500_FUJA7840 Freya BW.jpg
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John King

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Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
John ...
I have to say that the rest of the sticker collection makes for a really quirky and somehow wonderful overall impression ...

A cat has to work really hard to cram 26 hours sleep into a 24 hour day ...
Ours were pretty good at it. Showing up 5 minutes before the sun hit the carpet in the living room.
Gosh... sometimes Facebook strirs up those old memories with the "on this day" reminders.
Anyway - THIS came up today and I see it was taken in 2006. This is a Singapura, fully grown adult
It would have been taken with my Nikon D3

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He/she does look a bit miffed, though.

I've taken my camera(s) out far too little lately, so I'll just keep on posting kitty pics. Here's Tiikeri:
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