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Irene McC

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Found this in a folder from 2017



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In December of 2020, we were told the sweetie you see on the right had about 6 months to live due to intestinal cancer. We elected to try a short course of chemo and steroids, which had the effects of making her cranky and constantly hungry. She about ate us out of the house for a month. There was no sign of the cancer on her last checkup, and 27 months later she is chasing blowing leaves and butterflies around the back yard . . . at 18 1/2 years old.

Unfortunately, we learned today thar her brother beside her has an aggressive form of cancer particular to small breeds like his. We will not be doing chemo or radiation with him, as the effects are very unpleasant. Day to day is all we have, and although he is alert and playful, we are likely looking at less than a year. :(

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John King

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John ...
Chai, from next door, sitting on the window ledge outside our kitchen window. Some spots and haze cleaned up in Photoshop Express, slight crop. This is from the full size LSF JPEG, then resized using PSE.

M207754 (1)-12.jpg
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Considering that the kitchen window was hardly clean and spotless, I reckon that this turned out quite well.

BTW, used my tablet's pen for the first time ever. I think that I could get used to this.

{Edit} For some reason, Xenforo still resizes uploads from my tablet, but not from my PC. I will upload the above image to my website, and link from there to see what happens. {End edit}
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